Hassles are gone. A single person can set-up or take down an AirZone tent in just a few seconds, effortlessly and noiselessly.

AirZone tents have all the same features and benefits as conventional rigid-poled tents, except that there is no assembly or disassembly required. AirZone has developed inflatable poles that offer campers a hassle-free experience in setting up or taking down their tent. There is no need for instructions. Aside from putting air into the inflatable poles, there is nothing else to do except, perhaps to sit back in your favorite chair and watch your tent install itself.

Saving The Best For Last

Remember that when you are ready to leave your favorite vacation spot that all you have to do is release the air from your poles, sit down in your chair again, and watch your tent get itself ready to be packed away. There is no disassembly required and since everything remains attached, there are no parts to lose. Just pack it up and head for home.