How to select the right window for your house


Windows perform lighting and cooling functions for your home. If you did not know, you could reduce heating and cooling bills through the installation of energy efficient windows. Choosing the right windows for your property is however not an easy task. It becomes more difficult because of the many features, materials, and styles to choose from. Window installation or replacement is a huge task. Conduct thorough research before settling for the right windows to avoid stress in the future.


When to opt for replacement or new windows

New windows are installed if you want to change the size and shape of the current window opening. If that is the case, you must invest in entirely new windows. For this job to be done, a work contractor will be needed. New windows are less expensive, but the involved labor cost makes the whole process more expensive. With new windows, you can change the appearance, look and feel of your property completely. New windows give your home a new look from inside and outside.

If you decide to replace your windows, it will involve the old windows without changing the frame. Replacing the window with new ones will not be necessary, but it will have the same cost as new windows. The overall cost, however, will be less since no labor cost is involved. If the old frame matches the decoration of your home and still in good shape, replacement windows will work best for you. You will save a large amount by taking the replacement decision. Some window manufacturers will customize any window to fit your old window.

Styles of windows

Single/double hung

Double hung are the most common in many homes. They are comprised of two separate sashes which can be opened by sliding up and down. Single hung windows, on the other hand, opens from the bottom only. Double hung are the best for air flow. They are most suitable for homes with small children.


They have large sash hinged vertically and are opened by swinging out. A lever or other mechanism are needed to open casement windows.


Awning windows are hinged at the top. They are opened by tilting it out from the bottom. They are mostly used in the coastal regions and for bathrooms. These are just among the many styles you can choose from. The information above will be of great help.…