Common Uses of Access Doors

Why are access doors important in building construction? Most buildings and homes today have an access door. However, the functional benefits of this structural element might not make lots of sense to you if you have never used them before. Access doors have been used in building constructions for centuries. However, the white metallic access doors used today are refined models of the designs used in the past.

Why Access Doors

Access doors are mainly used for security reasons – to protect people and some important assets. Access doors are the gateways to key spaces in a building or home that are not accessed often. As such, they are used in concealing things like plumbing fixtures, electrical equipment, and furnace areas. These units are also used to provide special access areas like the attic or basement, which would have otherwise been sealed off by ceiling or drywall respectively.

Wall Access

Unlike most access doors, wall access doors can be installed for various reasons. Ideally, these type of access doors or panels serves to offer special access to plumbing fixtures, storage spaces, cables, and crawl spaces behind the walls. There are dozens of wall access doors for these needs only that most homeowners prefer flush access doors for their strength and durability.

Ceiling Access

Ceiling access doors are used to provide entry to crawl spaces or the attics. When it comes to choosing access doors for accessing the ceiling, it is important to consider their functional and aesthetic qualities. Most homeowners would prefer an inlaid ceiling door. In most cases, access doors used for ceiling access can be either panels or doors.

Floor Space

Floor access doors are mostly used for accessing things like underground water pipes, electrical systems, sewage systems and at times storage spaces below the building’s floor space. With the variety of floor access door, you need to ensure you pick the best based on the nature of their application. For instance, an access door for outdoor applications should be made from weather resistant materials.

home duct Duct Access

Some access doors are specifically made to provide access to and from duct systems. These units are mostly installed close to kitchen and laundry ducts to provide special access when they need to be cleaned or repaired.

Access doors have been used in building construction for decades. Irrespective of whether they are used in commercial or residential spaces, they could be the silent saviors for homeowners and contractors to ensure everything runs smoothly.