Guide on Buying Compartment Sinks

compart sinks

Compartment sinks are essential for restaurants and commercial use. With a good compartment sink, you can always move it to different areas depending on the use of the sink.

There are many types of compartment sinks, and it all depends on your needs. The sink will serve as a utility space, cleaning area and also hand washing area. Here are some tips that will help you in choosing the right compartment sink:

Number of Compartments

It is important to consider the number of compartments thatstainless steel sink you need before you buy the sink. Most people prefer a three compartment sink because it allows you to wash, sink and sanitize. However, it is still possible to buy a four compartment sink if you want to perform more functions with the sink.

It all depends on how you want to use the sink. Remember the more compartments that you want, the higher the cost of the sink. Make sure that you put a balance between cost and functionality of the sink.

Gauge Size

The size of the gauge is the thickness of the metal that is used to make the sink. With a thick sink, you will pay more for the sink. The thinnest gauge available in the market is the 18 inch, but we even have 14 inches gauge sinks.

If you are a heavy user, you might want to go for the thickest gauge that is available. With an 18-inch gauge sink, you can use soft water because you don’t have to worry about rust and corrosion. However, when operating in a place with hard water, you might want to go for 14-inch gauge sink.


compartment sinkThe kind of material that is used in making the compartment sink is important. You need to look for a good and strong material for your sink. Most of the sinks are made using stainless steel. However, we have two types of stainless steel.

The 430 stainless steel sink is the standard one, and it is ideal for normal use in areas with soft water. We also have the 304 stainless steel that is the heavy duty one for use with hard water.

Extra Features

It is important to check the extra features that you need from the compartment sink. You will realize that most of the compartment sinks come with faucets, holes for drilling faucets and even goose-necks. Determine the extra features that you need before making a choice.