About us

The year: 1995; the location: Kelowna British Columbia, Canada – a family of outdoor enthusiasts came up with an idea that would revolutionize camping. This idea was an inflatable tent which would completely eliminate the frustration of setting up and putting away a tent.

Their research for ideas and materials spanned four continents, from England to Australia, France, the Far East and the United States. Many years went into the development and testing of prototypes ensuring functionality, durability and reliability.

Five years later, their idea has become a reality. They have perfected the technology making their inflatable tents the easiest tents in the world to set up and put away. They formed a company called AirZone Recreation Inc. and partnered with the finest craftspeople and manufacturers in the world. Together they are able to produce quality products that are made from the finest outdoor fabrics available, backed with a full guarantee.

AirZone welcomes you to the dawn of a new era in recreational camping.