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AirZone tents are the most innovative tent to hit the outdoors market in the last 30 years. By creating an inflatable tent that can literally install itself, and by retaining the best technical features of standard poled tents, without the rigid poles, we are able to offer a product that is easy, quick and hassle-free. Feel free to view our complete line of Inflators.

All tent purchases come with a free Tornado II high volume, 12 volt, air compressor.

Goldfinch GOLDFINCH 2 PERSON - A multi-purpose, reliable and durable tent for you and a partner. Rainfly with 2 Stake-out vestibules.
$299 US

Ptarmigan PTARMIGAN 3 PERSON - (TAR-ME-GAN) A perfect tent for you and your gear on those long hunting and fishing excursions in the back country. Rainfly with 2 Stake-out vestibules.
$399 US
Osprey OSPREY 4 PERSON - The second largest tent in our product line. Perfect for a small group or family. Rainfly with 2 Stake-out vestibules.
$499 US
Condor CONDOR 6-7 PERSON - The largest, roomiest and strongest tent in our flock. If space is what you need, this tent is for you. Inside height 6' 7".
Hooped Vestibule.
$599 US